Mineral Concentrates and New Life Living Water

Minerals and Trace Minerals:

New Life Living WaterWithout the presence of certain minerals and trace minerals, in just the right amount, many vitamins and enzyme systems would remain idle and useless. Due to modern agricultural practices, the topsoils feeding our food plants are seriously lacking in the full spectrum of minerals and trace minerals they once possessed in abundance. Without the presence of minerals in the soil, plants are simply incapable of synthesizing complete nutrients and this is a major cause of a wide spectrum of nutritional deficiencies.

New Life Living Water provides a unique balance and abundant supply of bioavailable minerals and trace minerals necessary for building strong bones, activating our vitamins and enzyme systems, strengthening cell structures, and providing the basis for all electrical impulses in the human body. These electrical impulses regulate all muscle and heart contractions, as well as our brain and neurochemical functions, among others. Over 77 individual minerals and trace minerals are Imprinted into New Life Living Water.

"On your advice I decided to take NLLW after returning from India with parasites and who knows what else. I could hardly get out of bed. Within 3 days of drinking the water, I was up and taking care of myself again. Within two weeks I was back to work. Still a bit unbelievable, but true. Thank you so much for your caring and coming to my rescue."
- Sue M.

What is Unique about New Life Living Water?

  1. Divinely Inspired Formula and Blessed with Prayer
  2. Naturally occurring minerals from the Ocean and the Earth
  3. Minerals and Trace Minerals are Ionic, the smallest and most readily absorbed form of minerals
  4. Includes rarely occurring Beneficial Monoatomic Minerals Including Gold, Platinum, Silver, Iridium, Rhobidium
  5. Has an alkalinity of about 10 pH for finished water.

Mineral Water Concentrate
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