Structured Water has many benefitsOur bodies are composed of between 55-78% water depending on age and sex and lean body mass. It is our very life force. In order to maintain healthy and blissful lives we must consume plenty of clean, pure water on a daily basis.
Water in our bodies is a sinuous river which carries our blood and bodily fluids through our system. It’s the means in which nourishment and energy is circulated throughout our bodies. It is crucial that this transport be free flowing, and unsoiled in order to keep us in good health.

Many people believe that purchasing bottled water from the grocery store is sufficient qualification as pure water; however, this is not necessarily the case.
Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto did revolutionary studies on structured water crystals and made quite a few fascinating discoveries. He found that water has the ability to copy information, memorize, and transfer it. By freezing droplets of water and viewing them under a microscope, he was able to view the unique shapes that each water droplets produced.

structured waterSome of the water droplets formed beautiful hexagonal snowflake like shapes, others were deformed, and still others, in certain types of water, no crystals were formed. The water that appeared as complete crystalline structures came from more pure, high quality water found in natural springs, underground rivers and glaciers. The shapes that appeared misshapen and fragmented were found in water that contained chorine, and polluted water from big cities such as Tokyo.

Dr. Emoto soon realized that the water’s structural formation was not simply affected by its physical location, but also by vibrations in the world around us. Dr. Emoto’s studies showed that water was actually being transformed by these external vibrations.

Everything in the universe has a vibration. Everything, from a chair to a human being consists of atoms and each atom has a nucleus with electrons rotating around it. The number and shape of the electrons and their orbits give each substance a unique set of vibrational frequencies.

Dr. Emoto found that when certain music was played its vibration formed different types of crystalline shapes within the water. When a classical piece by Beethoven was played, the water responded with beautiful well formed crystals. When heavy metal music was played, the negative vibrations appeared in the water as fragmented and misshaped amorphous shapes.

The water even responded to written words. Words like “thank you” with a positive meaning was written on paper then wrapped around the bottles of water with the words facing in. Then result was beautiful complete crystals. When words like “fool” were used the results were once again malformed and fragmented. So from this example it becomes clear that the vibration of good words have a positive effect on our world, and negative words can destroy.

Dr. Emoto’s photos also demonstrated that prayer has the ability to affect water in a very positive way. Through the Power of Prayer, drinking New Life Living Water infuses your body with a very potent positive vibration that provides beneficial affects to all levels of your being.

Drinking this water feels like drinking a Prayer!
- Tracy B.

This water tastes Beautiful! 
- David L.  

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