Why New Life Living Water?

New Life Living WaterWater, our most precious element, flows through our bodies and around our planet, cleansing, nourishing and rebuilding.  Water is also a symbol of spirit and a catalyst for change. Our bodies are composed of between 55-78% water depending on age and sex and lean body mass water.

The human body knows how to balance and heal itself. 
It just needs the nutrients to do what it
already knows how to do.

New Life Living Water is imprinted with 77 essential minerals and is a numerological formula for healing.

All minerals have unique qualities. When placed in structured water,
the water absorbs these qualities and the vibration or frequency of those qualities remains in the water. Structured water, like naturally occurring Rain Water and water in streams, has a crystaline structure that makes it more easily absorbed into our cells.

Minerals act as a catalyst for healing. They are the vehicle that
transports vitamins to the cells.

Our soil being depleted of minerals has greatly contributed to the mass destruction of our planet and subsequently to our bodies.

Over farming, use of pesticides, over irrigation and lack of replacing minerals with cover crops or other natural means has left our soil dry and devoid of the vital forces required for healthy plants.

It might look like broccoli, but there is very little food value in it. (Click here)

This has led to mass starvation in America the land of plenty. A land of fast food, with little nutritional value.  So we have a society that is starving and we over eat to compensate for the lack of nutrients.

In the meantime we are getting sicker, more tired and weak,
which can leave us in a state of depression and feeling hopeless.

In third world countries we see adults and children who because of a lack of food are very thin, sick, tired, weak, depressed and feeling hopeless.

In America we have an abundance of food so we can over eat to try and compensate for the lack of adequate nutrition. However, we end up obese, on anti-depressant drugs, with a rise in suicidal tendencies and substance abuse. We do not understand that many of these feelings come from a lack of good nutrition, and inadequate electrical charges in the brain and nervous system.

There is hope and it comes with knowledge and wisdom.  A natural
mineral supplement derived from earth and sea.

New Life Living Water is a combination of naturally occurring
ionic minerals and trace minerals.

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U.S. Congressional Report, (74th Congress - 2nd Session, report #264), stated that much of our farm soils and range soils were mineral deficient; and all grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables grown in these soils would not contain sufficient minerals to prevent mineral deficiency diseases. That report was issued in 1936. The 1992 Earth Summit Report estimated that 85% of our farm and range soils are minerally depleted from the past 100 years agriculture and ranching. It has been reported a bowl of spinach in 1948 contained 75 TIMES more iron than today's spinach. In the 1950's, wheat was 40% protein. Now it's down to about 6%. The fact is, the nutritional value of modem food has been steadily declining over the past 50 years. It is routine for big farmers to use chemical fertilizers to replace 4-8 of the 70-80 minerals depleted by farming. Many mass-grown foods have been genetically altered to fit mechanical "pickers"; to have a tougher skin; to have a better color - but NOT to be more nutrient dense.

As for our vanishing vitamins, just go to any bookstore and pick up a book on the subject. Any of them will detail how vitamins have been methodically disappearing from our processed diet.

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